Wilderness Warrior Lvl 4


The name ‘Faller’ is an insult colloquial to the smaller settlements of The Silver Isles. This is all his late parents and peers ever called him as a result of his strange behaviours and frequently violent tantrums which alienated him as a young boy.

‘Faller’ doesn’t understand insults, or why others would feel the need to use them so he accepted this as his name. His very low wisdom, limited command of language, withering charisma and chronic reclusiveness, points toward a possible medium functioning autism.
His type of accent is only recognised by the odd person, and those that hear it tell of some kind of genocide to explain the rarity. The story convolutes and changes from person to person. Is this why he is alone in the wilderness?

He’s been utterly alone since he was a pre-teen and has an instinctive animal like adaptability to the harsher environments in The Silver Isles. His considerable skill with weapons, judging from his martial style, had come from the acolytes of the Barukthram cult. It is unclear whether had had tenure with them, or if he merely watched them train from the shadows and as a savant copied the movements perfectly – either way his skill with these weapons is terrifying.

He has been the catalyst for several urban myths and ghost stories that surround the forests of Panthea Minor, as any ignorant peasantry or glory hunters that set out to confront him in seclusion tend to disappear without trace.

Faller carries a signet ring specific to the order of Baruthkram – looted no doubt – and does continue to nominally worship the deity in his own factional way. Why exactly is unclear, but perhaps it is a long forgotten desire for belonging.

Faller is aloof, humourless and shows obsessions that can render him useless in battle. He for instance refuses to engage in battle, or bloodshed of any kind if he feels that he is near, being watched by, or will soon encounter an animal who has albinism. The exact reasons why are unknown. Whether this is an irrational by-product of his supposed autism is unclear, but there could be very important relevance to this strange foreboding. It is only in these instances that any real communicable emotion surfaces in Faller.

Other than this Faller is fearless, and given that he has little understanding of the rule of law, can engage very willingly in what other people call murder. He is a meticulous and ingenious woodsman, but his life of wandering and average intelligence has left him with very little sense of direction.

Although introverted and a functional hermit, when he stumbles across towns he knows how to illicit the company of prospecting bands who deem his presence useful, as he understands the need for economic gain so he can continue to support his needs for man made materials crucial to his survival; also, certain aspects of his creed require him to occasionally offer service to strangers if he comes across them. He takes direction like a loyal soldier, but will not stand for abuse.

All in all very little is known about Faller, or if he can be coaxed out of his condition so as to lead a more honourable life. If anything, only the good intentions of other people have the slightest chance of succeeding.


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